Willy's Bath Colours

Create ‘Quality Time’ with your children by ENJOYING their Bathtime and take advantage of that Special time of day.

Willy’s Bath Colours are a fizzing tablet which, when dropped into the bath changes the colour of the bath water for children’s bath-time fun!

Coloured Red, Yellow and Blue, Willy’s Bath Colour tablets can be mixed to create secondary colours, teaching your child about colour mixing, whilst having fun in the bath. Willy’s Bath Colours are Non-Toxic, therefore are perfect for children who cannot use bubble baths or soaps, and will not stain the bath-tub or towels/washers etc.

Bathtime used to be a difficult time of day…….. Until Willy’s Bath Colours!

Simply drop the tablet into the bath-tub and as it fizzes, watch the colour magically appear! Children get a great thrill out of the colouring giving parent and child an opportunity to share enjoyment and fun at bath-time.

Jars: Contain 30 Tablets; 10 Red, 10 Blue and 10 Yellow

Satchel: Contain 15 Tablets; 5 Red, 5 Blue and 5 Yellow