Dear Willy’s Fun Stuff,
Where can I find them????? I first used your bath tablets in my child’s bath when he was 6 months old. I think they are wonderful to encourage children to select and mix colours….I haven’t been able to find another product that has – No soap…………..No Fragrance……………Is non – toxic…………And won’t stain clothes
So where can I find them???????????? Please let me know,
Katherine Power

I discovered your Willy’s Bath Colours in the ELC Store in Belconnen, ACT and we would like to congratulate you on an excellent product.

As my son has sensitive skin he cannot use bubble bath and we could not find a bath product that was fun and safe for his skin. Since discovering your product, my son loves bath time! The fact that you are an Australian company is a double bonus.

Thank you for a wonderful product. I look forward to your email
Kind regards
Megan Loughlin

My name is Rene and I have three small boys. They love bath time but unfortunately two of my boys suffer from skin allergies. They can not have soap or bubbles in the bath which takes some of the fun out of bath time for them. I discovered Willy's Bath colours and bath time has never been the same. I would travel almost to the end of the earth for them if I can get my hands on them! Even buy by the box full if I had to!

Kind regards
Rene Bligh